Yes I Can!

Monday, March 28, 2011

An open butterfly

Finished the center open butterfly...wish you could see the antennae's the mosaic stitch.
They are done in Ecru which makes them hard to see....but they look nice. Today I hope to finish the other butterfly to the side. Then this band/row will be finished. The next band/row is in the satin stitch. Should be a quick finish for that one.
If you stopped by my other blog, I told you about our monthly stitch group...that is where I will heading this morning....and if you have not visited my blog, do go and see the beautiful cactus picture....
As always I am so pleased to have you visit and chat...have a wonderful day....and thank you for leaving a message here or my email...always nice to hear from you.


  1. Pretty as a picture! Those colors are so soft and spring-y!

  2. I love the open butterfly. Hurry and stitch more. LOL

  3. This is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing more.