Yes I Can!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 8 update

I plan on finishing this piece today! I am disappointed with myself for not getting it done this weekend....even though I worked the last 3 days.
There is not too much left....the last of the saying and the rest of the border. I am becoming impatient with myself on this one! This will be in a stand up frame...then I can place it here or there. I talked with my framer Don about getting me the museum glass cut to size for this and for Angel....just have to pick out a frame for this one.
Well my tea cup is empty.....and I want to get back to glad you have stopped by. It is so encouraging to read your comments and emails.
{{Hugs}} to you all.....

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, very little stitching due to work yesterday and I will be there again today...but I did manage to get some more stitched....
Somehow, adding the words feels like I am getting there.
The stitching will be finished by tomorrow. Then just to decide how to complete it...frame or pillow...there is just so much wall space...maybe a stand up frame?
Already thinking about which to work on next....isn't this many to choose from...I want to stitch on them all!
Thank you so much for the lovely words of truly helps. And I so enjoy visiting with all of you...sometimes I do leave a comment, but I do try to really.
Stop in tomorrow, bring your tea or coffee and see what I am up to.
Have a great weekend....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update for #8

Well, I managed to get more stitched on Always...
I really wish the picture was better...the colors are much of these pics will be right on color. I am eliminating some of the silk thread as I stitch to get the colors I want.

I will be off to work for a few hours today, so stitching will be on hold. Depending on how the day goes will be whether I stitch later!  The stitching for this will definitely be finished this week. Then on to another!

Thanks for checking in to see what I have stitched...see you again soon....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A finish*****

Well, finally no more stitching on 20 ct!
It is only in this frame to take the picture...but maybe I will frame it instead of a pillow finish...what do you think...I think I like it is this simple frame.

I picked up Always and Forever to work on...and I think it will be finished quickly. I am pleased that I am moving right along on these projects. This is finish #2 with 1 totally completed....but this will be completed as soon as I decide. I am open for suggestions...

Thanks for stopping by today...tomorrow will be an update for #8..Always and Forever.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update for #2

I did not get as much accomplished on the Angel yesterday...but here it is...
now he can see me so I will have to get the stitching finished today so he can fly!

I am anxious to finish the stitching as I am not happy stitiching with 3 strands of floss on 20ct. I wish I had chosen a different count linen...but I did not so I will deal with this.

I am so happy you stopped by.....tomorrow you will see completed stitches! after all, there are still 13 more to work on......

Monday, January 24, 2011

Update for #2

Well, I worked on my exchange piece and the stitching is to finish it and mail it.
As for my day 2 piece.....
Is is almost finished. I will take it along to my monthly stitch group and work on it there. I love the design, but not enjoying the stitching. I am not fond of using 3 strands of floss...I feel it is too loose a stitch. I am sure I will like it more once it is completed...hopefully today. Then I will finish it as a pillow. I saw a few fabrics at JoAnn's when I last worked, but want to have the piece in hand to see how it will look.

Well, my friends, that 's it for now...I will be having an un-birthday giveaway...stop over my other place for details.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you find time to stitch.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update for #2

I decided to work on Every Time...and made good progress...just starting the angel.
The colors are off a little...but it is looking really nice.
I will work on it more after work today...and I still have a little to finish on my exchange piece...but will have plenty of time this week.
Right now, though, I need a cup of coffee and some I will be visiting you later. Thanks for stopping by....and if you have time, and have not been over to my other blog, stop over to see some of my thimble collection. Have a great day.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I just did not get around to this before going in to work. Let's not even talk about work...let's look at my progress....
It is so nice and soft looking...I know, some of you are probably thinking it is took light. But it is just what I was hoping for. Mr H likes it too. stitching for tonight. I need to relax and forget work....maybe a root beer float will help....see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Challenge update for #8

Day 8 pick...Always and Forever
I really like the way it is looking. I know it is hard for you to tell, but the thread is, blue, grey and the linen is a little more toasty than pictured. I will try for a better pic the next update.

Well, I am ready for my Cheerios and a cup of tea...out to the hairdresser for a cut today. I am not sure if I will stitch on this or pick one of my others today...
Glad you stopped by today...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No update to post yet

I stitched on my Winter Exchange piece yesterday so I have no picture to post....

Congrats to Fiona who is celebrating her 2nd blogaversary.

I should have something to post tomorrow....please do come back...until then, have a great day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new task...

Well, I made has been fun going to the candy shop and choosing something special for the day. Now the task is set. Finish all 15 by the end of the year...and try to fit in the project that I had to abandon to the files just before starting this journey.

Today I will work on my Winter Exchange piece....

Here is the little I did on day 15.....
I know, it really looks like only a little...but remember,
It is 1 over 1...I had the HOA Annual meeting, (I am  on the Board) then I had work and .... I also hand basted a piece of stabilizer to the back to make the stitching lay neatly.
I did decide that I will stitch the other designs on other colored linen...well, maybe one more on this piece of linen since I have it.

Well, the dough is rising for the pizza later...the first football game is on...not interested, so I guess I will stitch. So glad you are still visiting....come back to follow my progress...this is not over yet!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15

Well we are finally there...the last day of starts. In a way I am glad...I really want to work on what I chose for my starts. I will probably rotate some until they are completed. Here is what I accomplished yesterday...before my nap...
I did complete the outline of the square and then started to work on the inside border. The coughing got to me so, a nap I took. Now, for me, that is only when I am not feeling well.

Here is the last selection for this challenge....not to say that somewhere along the way I will not begin a new project as one or two are completed. After all, we have the whole year to go.
Milady's Needle
Milady's Quaker Pendants 1 kit
36 ct Luna (Lakeside Linens)
The kit linen is enough to complete all four designs. I am considering to get 3 more pendants for the other designs....or maybe finish them as fobs. If you look at the photo closer, I numbered the pictures...I plan to stitch #1 which is the top row  or left side design first.

Well, time to visit some of you and then off to a HOA meeting before work today....then off until Thursday so I plan on getting lots of stitch time on these to decide which to work on! So many decisions this month....

It was so nice of you to visit..come back soon and see what progress I am making toward  the goal of finishing all 15 picks.
Have a wonderful weekend...............

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14

Can you believe that tomorrow is our last start day! I will miss the fun of choosing a new project each day, but on the other hand, I am glad we get to work on all the projects now. Here is what I am working on for today....
Dragonfly Jewels
The Cat's Whiskers
I love dragonflies...they will be stitched on the top of this piece. I am crazy for the colors....I may have to substitute a few Krenik threads or try to order them on line...but not to worry...I will deal with it. Where they are needed is as blended compliments to the silks. I am stitching as suggested with 32 ct linen and Dinky Dye Silks. The finish directions call for a box top, but I think I want it for a pillow top...I can envision it , but we will see.

Ah, yesterday...I love the colors in this one also. I decided to start with the "back" side of the biscornu...
Aren't these colors yummy? The pink motif will be repeated on each side of the center motif. I hope you can see the lovely subtle color of the linen. I thought this linen would be softer on the eye rather than the 2 different colors as suggested.

I have loved all the wonderful comments and encouragement from you my friends. I hope you will return again and again to follow me and offer any suggestions you have.
Have a wonderful day...I am going to get my needle in hand and stitch! Be very quiet...Dennis and Zoe are still asleep.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13

Good thing this is not a Friday...remember I am superstitious....
Well, first I have a completion! Yes, yesterday's start is a finish...

 I really like the way it looks. I did make a change, I did not like the braid trim so instead I just added a gold cord to the edge where the back is attached. I also did my own flowers for the ribbon embroidery. It is hard to see, but there are  a few beads attached near the flowers for accent.

Okay, on to today's pick....
When Barnabee Met Bella...what a name! I decided to stitch this on 28 ct Joblan called Blueberry. It does not show up in the picture well, but as I post you will see it is really nice. It is a dyed linen with lavender and blue mixed....rather than each side being a different color. I am using DMC colors.

Okay, now for a change in the line-up...yes, there are only 2 more starts and I am making a change. If you followed me from my regular blog....I told you I was going to add a new project. Here it is...

Milady's Needle
Milady's Quaker Pendants 1 Kit
36 ct Lakeside Linen, Luna (1 over 1)
For now, it replaces the Hardanger Angel which will be stitched before Christmas so it will hang on my tree, both of these were from my dear friend Ziz.

Well, today is one of those work at JoAnn not much stitching will take place. I will get started and see how far I get. I am so glad you stopped by to check my progress...come back tomorrow to see how far I get with Bella and a better view of the fabric. Have a great stitching day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

Can you believe we are almost to day 15! Wow...this has moved right along. For today, I will be working on.....
It is a Hardanger Heart Charm Kit
It really is a nice small project...for a change! I may even get to finish it today. It was from my monthly stitch group For Sale Stash table. My friend Ziz spotted it before I did and brought it over to me and I knew she was right. I was going to want it.

I really did not accomplish much yesterday by way of stitching. You know, some days are just ho hum...that was yesterday. I never even left the house...not even to take Zoe out. Dennis did that.  Well, let me show you what I did or better yet how much I did not do....

I decided to start both the front and the back of the biscornu since they are the same. Usually when I have made them, they are different designs on each side. I just did not feel like working on it and I have learned from past experience, that when that is the thought...put it away. So I did.

I have had a few questions about the background of my starts is a lovely table topper that my mom made for me. I plan to post some pictures of her work after the 16th...when I get back to some normal stitching. Well, I guess that is all for now. I will be making my visits later this morning. I  have to get to the Post Office to mail out a package to my sis Lyn but other than that I have no plans. Maybe Dennis will go with me to get an Italian grinder from Cousin's Subs....tonight he is making Chicken Saltimbocca....oh he is such a good cook.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Today's choice ~~~~~

The day I purchased this at The Attic, was the day that Sandra Cox Vanosdall was there for a Meet and Greet. She is such a lovely person and I love her designs. It is a kit and I had not opened it until this morning and found that everything is included, but missing is Threadworx #1081 thread! Luckily it is not needed until the last round of the design...gee, another reason to visit The Attic!

Yesterday's pick started with minor issues, but when Fred finally agreed to sit and watch, we had a nice stitch time...

I love the the fabric. The one thing I am not sure of, there are letters and date that are to be stitched with the same light gray thread that the border is stitched with. While you can see it, you can't...know what I mean?   Do I want them to be more noticeable or shaded to fade into the fabric? I guess I will decide when I get to it.This is the pin keep and the design is on both sides.

Well, before I can get back to stitching, I need to check on the wash...make a fresh cup of tea...think I will try the Russian Tea from Cat (posted on my other blog).

Hope your day is wonderful...let's keep good thoughts for our blog friends in Australia. Libbi posted a great update this morning.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Can you believe we are already at day 10 with only 5 more starts....I am anxious to get to stitching the projects.

I really am happy with yesterday's amount of stitching....and it was with some breaks too.

This is the right half of the butterfly and the start to the bottom stitching which will be the back. The pattern picture never showed the back and I like the over all stitching for it. When I bought the fabric, I bought just enough, and was told it would work out. Well, it will be close but I can make it work.

If you have not stopped by my other blog, then you will need introduction to Fred....
Fred is my frogging buddy and this morning he has been busy...I won't bore you with the why, but you can visit the other blog for more info if you must. But he and I are on a break so I thought I would show you today's pick....
Do you purchase a pattern the way I do? You see, you like and you pay. I may want to start reading inside the pattern...this one needs to have a complete outline stitch around each part before stitching for finishing reasons. I have spent quite a bit of the early prep time with this and of course Fred, and help from Zoe. Why do dogs want need to rush out in the dark early hours? Mind you, she did go out last night...guess being 10 years old has something to do with it.....anyway, back to this....I am using Legacy Linen 34 ct Puritan Gray and DMC threads.....I love the colors. Well, I think Fred is calling to me...he gets lonely sitting by himself. He doesn't mind just sitting, just being alone. I need a fresh cup of tea and I will be by your place later.....

Have a great day...I am going to try!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9

Well, I really enjoyed yesterday's start...did have to work for a few hours, then out to buy a new computer keyboard...then to get something to eat as Dennis just did not feel like cooking. I have mentioned that he does the cooking...didn't I? Very good he is I will add.

Here is what I did stitch...

The Waterlilies thread is light...sorry it is not as good a picture I thought it was..but it will do for now. I am really pleased with my choice...very pastel pink..pastel blue and such...where they got the name Tobacco I could not even guess.

Now, for today's pick...
I am looking forward to making this pretty needle keep and fob. I chose Lakeside Linen 36ct Vintage Maritime White. Not sure what lining fabric yet...and I still have to get the wool flannel for the inside. I have plenty of time for that!

Well, I am feeling I will scramble an egg with toast I think and a cup of tea....I do cook a few things you know. After all, you do not expect him to be up at this time do you... glad you stopped to see what I have been up to. After I have breakfast, I stop by to visit ...put the kettle on......

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

Glad you stopped by. Yesterdays stitching went well...after I manage to count correctly with the motif to the left of the heart. I was off by 1 thread...1thread! Drives me insane when that happens. Finally got it and I am pleased with it so far.....
once again, taken with artificial light, does not do the colors justice...just too dark and nippy to run outside! So this will do for now.

Today's choice is Always and Forever
I did make changes..sometimes I just have to...
I will be stitching on Weeks Linen 30ct Cocoa and using Waterlilies Tobacco. I want a soft look with the thread so I think this will do nicely. I plan to complete this as a pillow...I think.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

And today's pick is.....
I did change the suggested linen color to English Rose...this has a few specialty stitches which is always nice to toss in with the crossed stitches....and I like the porcelain button for the center.

Yesterday I was able to get a fair amount of stitching in....
..I took this picture indoors without flash,  remember that the linen is a soft time it will be in natural outdoor light...but it looks good..this is the start of band 1.
I enjoy band samplers and have a few that are finished but not day...
Well, I am not getting the laundry in and stitching started for today if we sit and chat....and since Dennis and Zoe are still asleep...the carpets will have to wait....
I will be visiting with you later, so until then, have a great day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

Today's project was purchased from a sale....not sure where! I like band samplers and this has some nice stitches. There are beads that came with this as well as a small charm, will be added at the end of my stitching.

The progress I made yesterday really pleases me. She is coming along nicely. There are beads on this one also...I always save them for last. They will be in her halo, neckline and down the front of her gown. What do you think of her?
Thanks for all the good wishes...they really must have helped as I feel much better today.
off to work later this morning and won't be home until after 6pm so not much stitching today. The only progress will be what I am able to do this morning. So happy to chat with you and I will be visiting you soon....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

Here is my start today...aptly named Grace. I have wanted to stitch this for some time...

I will be using 28 ct white linen from my stash and all the listed threads. One nice thing about this Challenge, is I am getting to use some of the fabrics I have had for some time. Don't get me wrong, I love going to The Attic to find new fabric.

As for yestrday, I really thought I would get more accomplished on my stitching. But as I was not feeling too great, I am happy with what I did do....

1 over 1 when not up to par is slow going, but it is looking nice.
Hot tea and homemade chicken soup on the menu for today...with my late stitching start, I can only hope to get good progress made. Somewhere along this week I will need to do more on my Seasonal exchange piece.

So glad you stopped by...see you tomorrow here and I will stop by to see what you are up to later.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

Here it is day 4 and another start.

With My Needle and Thread...Sewing Bird Pinkeep
I did make a change this morning....I decided to stitch on Toasted Almond 28ct Cashel Linen instead of the flax color. the threads are as listed, DMC. This is stitched with 1 strand over 1...not what I am used to doing, but I am enjoying far.

I thought I would have gotten more stitched yesterday, but errands to the grocery store for food and such got in the way. A bit of housework was thrown in and then a chat on the phone with sis Linda back in Rhode Island...well, all that let the steam out of my engine for stitching.
The top of her head is looking good. I really like the DMC garnet color....

Well, time to get back to my stitching and finish my coffee. I am so pleased you visited today...I will be stopping by your place to see your progress later.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 update

Just ran outside to take a better(?) picture...the color is still not 100% but it is better.

Day 3

Well does it seem that the time is already moving too fast?
I was house busy yesterday so there was a down time with the needle and thread. There was some frogging as I was off with one letter by 2 one would have known, but I did. But here is what I did do

This is the next one to come out of the envelopes.
It is a freebie from by Jean Louis Grandsire. it is shown in red and blue, but I chose DMC #814 on white 32 ct linen. I have changed my color at least 4 times, so I thought it best to start this before I do so again! I am having a good time with this Challenge..checking out what everyone is stitching. Well, time is passing and I do want to get my needle back in hand. I have a few errands to run today so getting the stitching time in now is a good thing. Stop back again .......I will be visiting with you later.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

Well, it took me some thought, but this is my start for today
It is Every Time a Bell Rings, from The Sampler Girl....I made changes: The color of the linen is Weeks Aztec Red 20 ct and the colors are DMC Ecru, #523 and I am still deciding on the other color.
As for day #1, I did not get as much as I hoped done. Hubby and I watched a movie last night after dinner and I worked earlier...but it is okay...
The outline is almost complete and a few motifs....
I received a wonderful gift and Christmas card from Amsterdam from Maaike ...I love my Lucky bird

 It does not show, but there is a bell hanging from the ribbon. I will hang this on my window branch in my sewing room where it will remind me of our friendship.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finally...we can start

I felt like I have been waiting forever to be able to start this Crazy Challenge! Well, here is what I am starting with today and I will post a picture later of how much I accomplish today. I will be out to work in the real world for a few hours this day, so I will be a bit limited on the stitching.
This is Snowberries by Just Nan. the linen is from my stash so I do not have any info except that it is 28 count. the threads are DMC as suggested.