Yes I Can!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update for #2

I did not get as much accomplished on the Angel yesterday...but here it is...
now he can see me so I will have to get the stitching finished today so he can fly!

I am anxious to finish the stitching as I am not happy stitiching with 3 strands of floss on 20ct. I wish I had chosen a different count linen...but I did not so I will deal with this.

I am so happy you stopped by.....tomorrow you will see completed stitches! after all, there are still 13 more to work on......


  1. Its looking beautiful, I'm also regretting a few fabric choices on my 15 but I tried to work with what I had.

  2. I think it will make it even more special once you finish it!