Yes I Can!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Today's choice ~~~~~

The day I purchased this at The Attic, was the day that Sandra Cox Vanosdall was there for a Meet and Greet. She is such a lovely person and I love her designs. It is a kit and I had not opened it until this morning and found that everything is included, but missing is Threadworx #1081 thread! Luckily it is not needed until the last round of the design...gee, another reason to visit The Attic!

Yesterday's pick started with minor issues, but when Fred finally agreed to sit and watch, we had a nice stitch time...

I love the the fabric. The one thing I am not sure of, there are letters and date that are to be stitched with the same light gray thread that the border is stitched with. While you can see it, you can't...know what I mean?   Do I want them to be more noticeable or shaded to fade into the fabric? I guess I will decide when I get to it.This is the pin keep and the design is on both sides.

Well, before I can get back to stitching, I need to check on the wash...make a fresh cup of tea...think I will try the Russian Tea from Cat (posted on my other blog).

Hope your day is wonderful...let's keep good thoughts for our blog friends in Australia. Libbi posted a great update this morning.


  1. I tune in each day to see the next project you've added! I love them all... can't wait to see how they progress after the challenge!

  2. I needed Fred yesterday. I did not have a good day with my pick. Hope your enjoying your tea!

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow's update, the piece for today is beautiful.

  4. The cross stitch looks good...decide about thread colours as the design comes alive.