Yes I Can!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, very little stitching due to work yesterday and I will be there again today...but I did manage to get some more stitched....
Somehow, adding the words feels like I am getting there.
The stitching will be finished by tomorrow. Then just to decide how to complete it...frame or pillow...there is just so much wall space...maybe a stand up frame?
Already thinking about which to work on next....isn't this many to choose from...I want to stitch on them all!
Thank you so much for the lovely words of truly helps. And I so enjoy visiting with all of you...sometimes I do leave a comment, but I do try to really.
Stop in tomorrow, bring your tea or coffee and see what I am up to.
Have a great weekend....


  1. I love the soft colors of this project - beautiful!

    Chriz’ stitchy spot

  2. What a pretty color for this one. :) I like it. Hope you were able to get it finished. :)