Yes I Can!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15

Well we are finally there...the last day of starts. In a way I am glad...I really want to work on what I chose for my starts. I will probably rotate some until they are completed. Here is what I accomplished yesterday...before my nap...
I did complete the outline of the square and then started to work on the inside border. The coughing got to me so, a nap I took. Now, for me, that is only when I am not feeling well.

Here is the last selection for this challenge....not to say that somewhere along the way I will not begin a new project as one or two are completed. After all, we have the whole year to go.
Milady's Needle
Milady's Quaker Pendants 1 kit
36 ct Luna (Lakeside Linens)
The kit linen is enough to complete all four designs. I am considering to get 3 more pendants for the other designs....or maybe finish them as fobs. If you look at the photo closer, I numbered the pictures...I plan to stitch #1 which is the top row  or left side design first.

Well, time to visit some of you and then off to a HOA meeting before work today....then off until Thursday so I plan on getting lots of stitch time on these to decide which to work on! So many decisions this month....

It was so nice of you to visit..come back soon and see what progress I am making toward  the goal of finishing all 15 picks.
Have a wonderful weekend...............


  1. Day 15, can you believe it??? And, you're right, it will be just as hard to decide which ones to finish first. :-) Hooray for you for completing the first part of the challenge!!

  2. You have some great starts, can't wait to see the progress!

  3. Congratulations on getting through all fifteen days, Grace!! I'll bet you're just itching to put more stitches into some to the beauties you've already begun...

  4. You said it - the 15 days went by so fast. And it was such a pleasure to visit so many different blogs with so many different projects. Just as much fun as starting my own projects. I'm a bit behind and still have 2 of the 15 projects left to start.
    I love what you chose for the challenge. Looking forward to seeing your progress on each of them.