Yes I Can!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

Glad you stopped by. Yesterdays stitching went well...after I manage to count correctly with the motif to the left of the heart. I was off by 1 thread...1thread! Drives me insane when that happens. Finally got it and I am pleased with it so far.....
once again, taken with artificial light, does not do the colors justice...just too dark and nippy to run outside! So this will do for now.

Today's choice is Always and Forever
I did make changes..sometimes I just have to...
I will be stitching on Weeks Linen 30ct Cocoa and using Waterlilies Tobacco. I want a soft look with the thread so I think this will do nicely. I plan to complete this as a pillow...I think.


  1. I absolutely love that top pattern!! Its gorgeous!!

  2. I like the pattern you are working on, and I am interested in the pretty piece that you have photographed your pattern on!

  3. Uggh. 1 thread. I'm impressed that you found it and fixed it! :-) Your stitching is looking beautiful!! I'm feeling a little better today, so maybe I'll cross stitch *before* I clean the house, so I'm sure I get it in!! :-)

  4. Yesterday's piece looks fantastic, I hate it when you miss count especially by 1 thread been there done that last week. You piece for today is going to look so pretty, love the colour you picked.

  5. Oh pretty! Love your choices!

    One thread -- haha. Just found that I did the same thing. I just made those 4 stitches one thread wider and called it good!