Yes I Can!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update for #8

Well, I managed to get more stitched on Always...
I really wish the picture was better...the colors are much of these pics will be right on color. I am eliminating some of the silk thread as I stitch to get the colors I want.

I will be off to work for a few hours today, so stitching will be on hold. Depending on how the day goes will be whether I stitch later!  The stitching for this will definitely be finished this week. Then on to another!

Thanks for checking in to see what I have stitched...see you again soon....


  1. Congratulations on finishing #2 of your project list. Isn't it great to accomplish not only the starts but also the finishes? I also finished my first of the 15 projects and it feels great.