Yes I Can!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new task...

Well, I made has been fun going to the candy shop and choosing something special for the day. Now the task is set. Finish all 15 by the end of the year...and try to fit in the project that I had to abandon to the files just before starting this journey.

Today I will work on my Winter Exchange piece....

Here is the little I did on day 15.....
I know, it really looks like only a little...but remember,
It is 1 over 1...I had the HOA Annual meeting, (I am  on the Board) then I had work and .... I also hand basted a piece of stabilizer to the back to make the stitching lay neatly.
I did decide that I will stitch the other designs on other colored linen...well, maybe one more on this piece of linen since I have it.

Well, the dough is rising for the pizza later...the first football game is on...not interested, so I guess I will stitch. So glad you are still visiting....come back to follow my progress...this is not over yet!


  1. Over 1? My hat is off to you! Good luck. Can't wait to see your progress this year!

  2. Congratulations, Gracie, for making it all the way to Day 15 of the challenge!

  3. Gracie, not interested in the Packer game???? Whatever will I do with you??? LOL!! Your new start is going to be amazing. I love the 1 over 1 look!

  4. Your new start looks fantastic, how are you deciding which of the 15 to finish first or are you planning some kind of rotation with them all.

  5. I find that you have made a wonderful start on the challenge. Congrats! I've got 9 started with 3 being WIP that I had to include. Still a few more to start. Please show progress pics as you go along.
    Happy Stitching!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your progress through the year!