Yes I Can!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Can you believe we are already at day 10 with only 5 more starts....I am anxious to get to stitching the projects.

I really am happy with yesterday's amount of stitching....and it was with some breaks too.

This is the right half of the butterfly and the start to the bottom stitching which will be the back. The pattern picture never showed the back and I like the over all stitching for it. When I bought the fabric, I bought just enough, and was told it would work out. Well, it will be close but I can make it work.

If you have not stopped by my other blog, then you will need introduction to Fred....
Fred is my frogging buddy and this morning he has been busy...I won't bore you with the why, but you can visit the other blog for more info if you must. But he and I are on a break so I thought I would show you today's pick....
Do you purchase a pattern the way I do? You see, you like and you pay. I may want to start reading inside the pattern...this one needs to have a complete outline stitch around each part before stitching for finishing reasons. I have spent quite a bit of the early prep time with this and of course Fred, and help from Zoe. Why do dogs want need to rush out in the dark early hours? Mind you, she did go out last night...guess being 10 years old has something to do with it.....anyway, back to this....I am using Legacy Linen 34 ct Puritan Gray and DMC threads.....I love the colors. Well, I think Fred is calling to me...he gets lonely sitting by himself. He doesn't mind just sitting, just being alone. I need a fresh cup of tea and I will be by your place later.....

Have a great day...I am going to try!


  1. I love Fred! I'm glad you have someone to keep you company when stitchng.

  2. I've enjoyed scrolling through your previous posts, Grace! You have started some wonderful projects over the past 10 days :) I think I would find it difficult to set aside a new start in favor of another, but you sure will have a wonderful variety of projects to work on throughout 2011 :)

  3. Love your starts!! I am like you...ready to start stitching to finish! I look forward to sharing the challenge experience with you.

  4. I have been checking all your fabulous starts and didn't know which post to comment on until I read the bit about your pup needing to go out at 0 dark thirty in the middle of the night. And age has nothing to do with it. My 22 month old monster does this to me at least three times a week. The worse is when he does it a 3;45 am on a work day. The alarm goes off at 4:40 AM!! Sheesh. :)

    I love looking at all the new projects happening around. My to get list is getting longer and longer. LOL