Yes I Can!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update for #2

I decided to work on Every Time...and made good progress...just starting the angel.
The colors are off a little...but it is looking really nice.
I will work on it more after work today...and I still have a little to finish on my exchange piece...but will have plenty of time this week.
Right now, though, I need a cup of coffee and some I will be visiting you later. Thanks for stopping by....and if you have time, and have not been over to my other blog, stop over to see some of my thimble collection. Have a great day.....


  1. Every Time is looking great!
    I love the pink.

  2. Your piece is coming along so well! I finish-finished one of my challenge pieces last night. I just have to update my blog. Oh - and your thimble collection is amazing! I love the font change on your blog, too. How did you do that??

  3. Lovely - I have a feeling that angel will get her wings yet today. Keep up the good work!

  4. You are so going to finish this soon! Yippee - another finish!