Yes I Can!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

Well, it took me some thought, but this is my start for today
It is Every Time a Bell Rings, from The Sampler Girl....I made changes: The color of the linen is Weeks Aztec Red 20 ct and the colors are DMC Ecru, #523 and I am still deciding on the other color.
As for day #1, I did not get as much as I hoped done. Hubby and I watched a movie last night after dinner and I worked earlier...but it is okay...
The outline is almost complete and a few motifs....
I received a wonderful gift and Christmas card from Amsterdam from Maaike ...I love my Lucky bird

 It does not show, but there is a bell hanging from the ribbon. I will hang this on my window branch in my sewing room where it will remind me of our friendship.


  1. Great start on your first project! I love the fabric you've picked out for the SG design.

  2. What a lovely gift, and you've made a nice start on #1 and chosen a great 2nd project.

  3. Love the red linen, that is thinking out of the box!

  4. What a fun start! Good for you!!

  5. You're off to a great start, Gracie! I do love that piece :)