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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dragonfly one~~~~

I just love this project.  Gee, I think I have said this on a few others. Well it makes sense when you think about it. That is why I choose them to do in the first place...although it can start out that way and then----- is what I did so far.....

I just love these colors. And the dragonfly is....well you look and see....
I usually wait to do beading when I finish all the stitching...but I just had to give him eyes~~~the better to see you all with. I made a change with the legs. The pattern stated to use 2 strands of cording, but it looked over powering so I used only one. It looks much nicer. One down and 3 more to stitch.
Happy to have you visit with me today. Enjoy your day~~~~~

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