Yes I Can!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scottish stitch complete

I do not remember if I have done this stitch before. It is not complicated, but it did have me frowning a bit. Each section is suppose to mirror the other.
From here I move to the putting a dragonfly in each of the four sections. Then the last to do with this section are the beads. This seems to be moving quickly.
Well today is Thursday and that mean a work day. I would rather be home today....but when you only work 3 days it is not nice to complain. Have a very nice day....glad you stopped by today.


  1. I love the colors too in this piece!

  2. Beautiful progress and lovely colors.

  3. Oh this is looking beautiful, the colours are amazing.

  4. ooo well done ..looks lovely :) it takes a bit getting into the rhythm of that stitch but I love it once I get started :) love mouse xxxx