Yes I Can!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Grace has hands.....just had to get them done.
I also stitched a bit on her dress. There will be roses and a vine as well as beads down the center.
I have to outline her cuffs, but it does look nice at this point....

I love how the Round Eyelets give the cuffs texture.
If i don't see you here or at my other blog tomorrow, I wish you a lovely Mother's Day. Thank you for visiting today.


  1. ohh I love that cuff detail :).. its looking beautiful :) love mouse xxxx

  2. I have also joined you here and I'm delighted, Grace is really pretty!

  3. Gracie, loving the definition the over one is giving your beautiful Grace, the hands and face, and the cuff work so beautiful!
    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. I love those cuffs. Really, she is turning out quite beautifully.