Yes I Can!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another corner but still 5 to stitch

I bet you are getting bored with this corner stitching. I hope not because you cheering keeps me going!
Not looking too bad-----just one more to go then I start all over with the other side. But having done this side will make it easier to get the other one finished. I really know that adding the beads as I go is making it nicer for me.
Well, I need another cup of coffee....and the morning paper. The day is already is 85. Last night at 9 PM it was 95 which tells you the next day will begin very warm indeed. No cool down time.
It has been a pleasure having you visit and thank you for the kind comments and emails. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Every little corner is beautiful! It was a smart idea to do the beading as you go along.

  2. it is lovely and beading as you go id a fab idea .. I'm doing that on CA sooo much better :) love mouse xxx

  3. Cheering you on Gracie as it is absolutely beautiful!