Yes I Can!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a corner stitched----7 more to go

This is still progressing slowly. I seem to have a hangup with it.

I see that 3 of the specialty stitches with beads along each side are off......grrrrr! I will redo them when I get to that area.
the corner is pretty and I only must do have 7 more to do. It is a bit time consuming as i said I am not fond of sparkly linen. I think that is why the mental block is. I know it will be very nice when finished.
Off to work today...the store is getting ready for inventory---so in between customers, we are wrapping the bolts of fabric.
It is always so nice to have you stop by. Have a great day.


  1. Lovely corner! The beads really add that special touch!

  2. will take your word for it that they are off but it is beautiful .... it must be the day today for peeps to have probs with their stitching ... I know at least another 3 mouse xxxx

  3. Gracie, your stitching is so detailed and gorgeous! It's nice that you decided to do the beads as you go instead of waiting until the end.