Yes I Can!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Woo Hoo finally----

I can not believe it myself. But it is finsihed...sort of.
I have accepted the blended threads and really am okay with it. Thrilled? no, but I can live with it.

Once folded and completed, this is the direction that you look at the motifs. I was not going to do the fob but have decided to go ahead and make it. Due to my minor back situation ( I posted at my other blog) Jo Ann's gave me the day off today. I most likely will get the fob stitched today as it is small....I will pick up fabric to match for the lining on Friday. i would like to get to The Attic real soon for some threads and a give away project and maybe to treat myself to a new piece. I know I know, I have many to do yet from my stash---but if I am going to be there then I must need to get something----don't I?
So happy to chat with you today...have a great day.


  1. whey hey :) well done and you can't tell from the picture you have different colours :) and hope the back is better and wonderful news for you :) love mouse xxx

  2. Beautiful! Are you all done with your challenge pieces??? You must be getting close! I'm so sorry about your back. I hope you heal up soon. :-)

  3. Another pretty piece.... WTG!!!

  4. Beautiful piece! Hope your back is better after some rest!

  5. Congratulations, Gracie!! And I do hope your back feels better very soon :)

  6. Another pretty piece. I love the stuff you work on. They are all very different from the stuff I tend to pick for myself so I love seeing what 'eye candy' you've got going on here. :)