Yes I Can!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fred again---

I should know better. When I am having an off time not to stitch. And believe me when I tell you today is a very off day. I thought I would get some stitching in but then Fred jumped off his magnet and .....
I should have known better than to try to stitch with an overflowing mind.....  I picked up the wrong green and well you see what happened. I think I will wait until later to see if I can clear away the jumble in my mind.
Thank yo for stopping by...have a nice day.....


  1. I'm so sorry that Fred came to visit. I understand about not stitching when your mind is full, though. Sometimes reading a book is a safer choice!

  2. Bad boy Fred! Hope later goes better!

  3. One of those dang and blast it times., and isn't unpicking fun ???