Yes I Can!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Changes and I thought I had it ready

I thought I had all but a few DMC floss, I know I need a couple of pieces of Linen and specialty threads.....but when I decided to do a double check this morning, well, I am still missing 3 DMC floss and I just purchased some when I went to work yesterday at JoAnn's! What happened I ask.....since I already discarded the list I made, I can not tell you why I did not get what I needed. Then, my good friend Ziz gave me a lovely card for Christmas with a pattern for a Hardanger Angel. I just have to add it to the off the list comes Cross Wings Collection #15 and add The Hardanger Angel from Cross "N Patch. My goal is to get to The Attic Needlework maybe Tuesday to get the last of the supplies. Well, thanks for listening...


  1. It's a good thing we don't have points taken off for changing our list, isn't it?? :-) Have fun at The Attic!

  2. The elves are taking a break after packing the sleigh. They told me they stopped by your house and HID that floss. They're playing with your mind!


  3. Lol good thing you double checked! I've still got to get a few things but i'm trying to wait til after the holidays.