Yes I Can!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A visit to The Attic

Well, shopped at The Attic today...I think, I am sure,  well I will let you know once I check...again...if I now have everything for the Challenge! I especialy like one of the linen colors I chose for one of the usual, the ladies were very helpful. I think I will start to take the project pictures and then they will be ready to post each day...that is if, and I do mean if I have everything this time.
thanks for stopping by, let's chat again real soon...........


  1. How fun, Gracie! Can't wait to see your projects!

  2. Oh, now I see. I wondered why you were so happy about going to the Attic. Here it's a used furniture store!

  3. I see that you and Cindi and Lyssa started a new blog just for the Challenge. I added a Challenge page to my blog, but haven't chosen my projects yet.