Yes I Can!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Well, if you just hopped over from my other blog you will know that I have been up since 2 am...anyway...I stitched...
This is band/row 7...bees...I know they are not yellow...but I am following the pattern. there will be 4 all in the row.
The design at the back of the bee will be filled in with beads ...there will be another bee facing toward the center and another bead motif, then 2 more bees facing toward these and a last bead motif.....but I am too too tired to stitch anymore now......thanks for chatting with me...I am off to the daybed.....oh, have a nice day.


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  2. I love the bee, off to your other blog to find out the reason for your 2 AM start, get some rest.