Yes I Can!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally....a post

Well, I have not been idle...just without the computer...I did stitch and stitch and look how far I am...
The top is finished....
and the bottom is coming along. Actually, it is front and back of the piece. I have been enjoying the pattern. Excuse the wrinkles...I am using a hoop this time instead of Q Snaps...I hope to have this finished soon. I may take a break to stitch something other than a challenge piece. To date, I have finished 10 pieces with 4 of them as completed. So, I think a break is okay....
I am so happy you had the time to visit...thank you for your lovely comments and emails....have a wonderful day.


  1. It looks wonderful. And welcome back. I sure did miss your posts.

  2. Beautiful stitching! Think a break is ok, LOL, you are moving so fast on your challenge pieces!