Yes I Can!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First of four...the last band...

I am on the last band of Garden Party....
This is one of four motifs....the first and the last share an inside edge so they are all connected. There are beads in this band also. One of these days, I will capture the real shade of pink of the linen! Anyway, this is a busy I will work on it later, I need a break in between....lots of changing threads.
We are having a cloudy day here in the Valley of the Sun...but it is fine. The garden can use a break from the hot sun. I will make my tea later and return to about you? Well, Zoe is just up and out she needs to go.....have a great day. Oh and by the way, I am glad you stopped by.....


  1. This is really pretty! You are a fast stitcher with beautiful work!

  2. Ooo, you are so close! But I understand the need to take a break. It's looking great!

  3. Gracie, this looks so wonderful! I can stitch, well, a little bit, but it's definitely not my biggest gift. It never looks as neat as your works. I would like so much to be as talented as you, and I have so many patterns I would like to try out. But when it comes for example up to a teddy's being embroidered, it's always nightmare.

  4. I can't wait to see this done. Your talent is so wonderful