Yes I Can!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fern came through!

Friends are such great supporters. When I asked Fern if she thought she would have the DMC shade I needed, she never hesitated to look. (This is Fern). So,thanks to my dear friend I am happily stitching back on La D DA.
Please excuse the wrinkles...I have been using a hoop instead of the Q Snaps (and too lazy to iron it each time to show you)....
Well, I want to get a few stitches in before my brother Alan and Mr H wake up.....we are going to Jerome today...something we think Alan will enjoy. Yesterday was Margaritaville...yes, for margaritas...and then dinner. I posted a picture of Alan over at my other blog.....
So happy to have you visit with me and thank you for the nice comments and e mails....have a great day.


  1. Yeah !!!! You are on a roll now Gracie ;)

  2. Looks great. I am glad someone could help you.

  3. This is pretty - glad you got your floss.

  4. That's so cool that you found the floss you needed. I love the frames that the projects go into. I never knew that name (Q Snaps). I just went on 123 cross stitch and ordered 2. I am so excited. I hope I like them. LOL

  5. Glad you got the floss you needed and can get back to working on this lovely piece.