Yes I Can!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally some news...

I have so missed stitching. If you were at my other blog you then know I have had a migraine...but, this morning I did stitch some....
I now have 2 of 4 finished motifs. As you can see, they connect. The 2 in the center will have a complete wreath around them and the outside motifs will be half but joined.Once I finish this band it will get a good pressing and then....then the beads will be added. I love when I get to add beads....just wait till you see.
We are having a rain day today..always welcome here in Arizona. It actually started last night. Also, it is a bit cooler than it was during the week, again, always welcome. Once the summer hits and we have a few days of 100...there is no cool until ...maybe, October. I am off to work today..hopefully I will be able to stay...headache begone! I think a cup of tea with toast ..if I keep it down, it will be a good sign.
Thank you for sharing sometime with me...have a great day.....


  1. The end is almost in sight, and I can't wait to see it! Take care today - don't overdo!

  2. Just so lovely! Can't wait for the finish!