Yes I Can!

Friday, February 18, 2011

All stitched back....

I managed to stitch back all that Fred ate yesterday...I must say, he has been very quiet but not yesterday...and for those of you who thinks he's cute....well, he is, but not yesterday. My bead shop can't find any of his relatives, but when we do...they just may come to live at your place!
now I start the center or side hives....
Today and tomorrow is The Presidents' Day Sale at JoAnn' just know we are going to be busy.....and it is employee double discount you know that I will be picking up a few items!
Well, I still have some time to stitch a few flowers in I will chat with you later.....have a great day.


  1. If you manage to come up with one of Fred's relatives I would love to buy one!!! I think he is just darling (if not a rascal!)

    I have really enjoyed reading your post about your Challenge pieces. They are so pretty, and you stitch so well.

    I have gotten sidetracked on a very smaoo TW piece that is almost finished so I will be back at my piees soon.

  2. That is sure coming out beautiful!

    Glad you put Fred in his place so that you could stitch without him eating your floss.