Yes I Can!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bella and Snowberries

I guess I was busy...don't know how I managed considering I work yesterday until 5:30.
Here is Bella..
Ignore the coloring, I took it indoors without flash, but you remember how pretty the linen is...yes? Anyway, it is a delight to stitch this ...the colors are so vibrant...and remember, this is the back/bottom side.
I also did more on Snowberries...
This has Algerian Eyelet, Triple Leviathan and Double Cross stitches....and of course eventually beads. I am going to try to find the backing fabric for this today....I saw some tiny print floral yesterday...hope it is still there. We were mega busy yesterday.
So glad you stopped by today...I will be at JoAnn's cutting fabric today..but I will visit with you later...have a wonderful Saturday.


  1. These are so pretty! I love the top one. The colors are lovely! I do hope that it warms up there for you soon. BTW my bday is Aug 24th... ;)