Yes I Can!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing Girl...

If I get more stitched today...this could be a quick finish. Now that she has a face.....
and has a lovely hat and collar.....
I would love to find an old fashion floral print for the pillow finish. I can picture what I would to find it.
Mr H is still feeling flu I will spend the afternoon with a pot of tea and needle in hand....hope you have a great day....and thanks for visiting with me.


  1. Another beautiful piece, Grace. Hope your MrH is feeling better... I too have been somewhat under the weather the last couple of days.. must be something going around.

  2. She's beautiful. Enjoy your tea and stitching!

  3. Almost finished, she is beautiful. Hope Mr. H is feeling better soon.

  4. I love this design. It's very vintage looking. What color thread are you using it is hard to tell from the pic?