Yes I Can!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing Girl update

Well, as I told you at my other blog it was a quiet day here yesterday and I stitched in between other things. take a look....
You can see her fingers grasping the fabric....and soon you will see the stitching on her piece. Such an old fashion look don't you think? Although I have a few things to do today, I plan on stitching....that is one of my joys about being semi retired. I get to sit and read and stitch. Once I straighten out a house that hardly gets messed the laundry...I get to relax. Since Zoe does not play with toys, I do not have any to pick's just me and Mr H  so we pick up after ourselves...except this past week that he has been under the weather...just where did that expression come from...under the weather? Isn't it easier to say not feeling well...anyway.... I need a cup of tea  and  the morning paper...and since it does not look like rain is coming I will hang the birdseed out...the little vultures sweet birds are all waiting....
Have a wonderful day....


  1. You got so much done over the weekend. She is much prettier then I thought she was going to be. I may have to find the pattern and add to my wish list which is so long, LOL

  2. She's so sweet! And your comment about the vultures made me laugh! LOL!