Yes I Can!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update for #13

Still waiting for the air-con man....but I thought you would like to see my progress for Bella....
I fell in love with this Just Nan Biscornu long ago. It will be a larger biscornu at 4 1/2 inches....but it adds to the variety. This is actually the back side that I have started.
It called for 30ct, I am using 28ct Jobelan in Blueberry.
Once again, thank you my friends for all the advice on Always & is away for now. Just moving forward...many to finish! I am going to try to do a little on 2 projects each day....but, no promises to myself.
Thanks for visiting....


  1. Bella is beautiful! (and a zillion times better looking than my nephew's English bulldog Bella, lol)I don't think you'll have any doubts about this one!

  2. Bella is coming along beautifully! Love the color you chose.

  3. This biscornu is sooo pretty, such lovely bright colors!