Yes I Can!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bella and some rain

Well, if you just came from my other blog I will tell you that instead of is now pouring out there! I do mean heavy!.As in buckets...cats and dogs kind of rain. As a desert state we need it and even welcome it...easy to say because we do not have it all the time.
Anyway, if you're here it is to see ......
Another hive completed....I plan to move to the right and do that hive next..then add the corners ...since it is not a pleasant to go outside day...and we will probably stay in day, I will get some serious stitching done. Maybe I will pick up one of the others to work on...or maybe sneak in something to break it all up. I am the supervisor of my own stitching after all....I break make the rules plans.
I just looked out the window....

This House Finch found a place to sit and wait for the rain to let up! He is talking up loud and clear...either inviting his friends to shelter or waiting for the seed sack to go out...for that, he will have to wait for the rain to stop.
Well, where ever you are...what ever the weather...make it a good day.....


  1. Bella is really coming along!! Yay!! Enjoy your rain. It's spluttering here, rain, freezing rain. Not very pretty and no darling birds to enjoy it with... but I do get to stitch, so all's well!!

  2. Enjoy your rainy, stitchy day! We had a little rain here yesterday in Southern California, so I baked cookies!

  3. Bella is so beautiful; I look forward to your updates. And what a lovely visitor you have! Enjoy her singing!