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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A finish for #8

I am not as pleased with this one...but it will have to do....

I put the initials on and date...but did not like it so Fred took them out. I thought I would like it better...still like my choice of linen and silk, but I just can't embrace this one. Maybe once it is completed, in a frame..

I just have to think about this more......blah!


  1. My first thought was to frame it in a white frame - my thought maybe it would pull the lighter color more.

    I clicked the pic and really love the look of the piece! And look at it this way - it is a completion!

  2. I'm thinking you're not sure about it because the colors don't stand out, but it really is lovely. Either a white frame like Denise says, or a pillow with the same color fabric but a ruffle in a gentle print with the colors of the floss. I think that would draw attention in toward the design.

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  4. I think I understand why you did not care for this one!
    I think it would have looked better on a darker material.

    Anyway, congratulations on the finish.

  5. I think it would be lovely if you matted it in white and framed it with a periwinkle blue frame (at least it looks like periwinkle thread in the picture). As stitchers, we put so much of ourselves in each piece that it is disappointing when we don't like the completion. But I like it and good for you for another finish!

    Karen K. in Maryland - new to commenting on blogs!

  6. I agree with Karen's comment.
    I think it would be pretty matted in a blue frame to bring out the dominate color.

  7. It's hard to tell from the picture, but I think the fabric and floss just didn't do much for each other.

    It's still a lovely piece. I do think a frame would be the best way to go, but I'm a boring finisher.

  8. I think it would be beautiful in a white frame... maybe one of those from Crescent Colors with the pretty scrolly edges... Or, of course, you can always just stick it in the "I made this and need to do something with it someday" box. My box like that is pretty full!! LOL!

  9. Grace, looking at this close up, I think a pillow with pretty fabric that compliments the silk colors would make the design pop. Best wishes for whatever you decide. It is a sweet finish.

  10. Oh, Gracie...I love it; it is so dainty looking in those colors. I agree with Mother of Mayhem about the blue matte...that would really make it pop! I just stitched a baby sampler with soft purples on a soft purple fabric that I was worried about, but I added some purple check material to the sides and purple pom-pom trim...and, it completely changed the look of the piece! I bet if you framed this with the periwinkle blue mat and a scrolly Crescent Colours frame(as Tricia suggested), it would be absolutely gorgeous!!

    Best of luck with whatever you choose!!

    Happy Stitchin'

  11. I have to agree, a blue matte would look great and make it pop.


  12. Try the blue mat or frame blue close to the stitching. What the heck, try everything. Great stitching! even greater - IT'S FINISHED!!!

    Happy Stitching!