Yes I Can!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bella and Milady's pendant

Well, I stitched and stitched....
I first want to show you Bella's front side..
Do you like the gloves...those little bumps are all beads...oh but you want to know about Bella....well, this is one of 4 bee hives. Look how sweet it is..
I almost looks like I actually wove the basket myself. This is really a fun piece to work on.

As lovely as this is going to be, this pendant is a bugger...1 over 1...going blind I am.
But it is going to be really pretty. I think instead of making it into a necklace, I will make it into a pin as I am inclined to wear them more.
How about seeing it up and close...for size...
Small is the word on it! When my friend Ziz gave this to me I was gung ho to make all 4 designs. Let's just say, for now, I will do this one....when the challenge pieces are finished, then I will think about doing at least one more....actually 2, one for me and I will let Ziz pick one out for her. But don't tell her, cause then she will be waiting and we know this challenge is going to be awhile!
My goodness, you would think there is a banquet set out for these feathery friends...the talking going on...I really must get out and enjoy the morning with them.....It was so nice to have you drop in, come back soon....I will see you later.


  1. I can't wait to see it done. It's so tiny but so detailed.


  2. I love this piece. Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  3. WOW that is tiny but beautiful.

  4. Bella keeps getting niceer! And I honor you for the one over one piece. Wow! That's little!!!